Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer

 I had the TV on last night waiting for a show to come one.. it was a Canadian Station. I was just sort of listening to what they were talking about. As I listened a bit closer it sounded like something that I should pay attention to. The writing at the bottom of the screen really got my attention…
“PBO: For every $100.00 earned Canadians owe $171.00 in debt…” YIKES!

Since I really didn’t get the whole story of what they were talking about.. I went looking for the info this morning. I have found the article and it is SHOCKING…. you can read it here.

This was from the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO)…. If Canadians have a debt problem like that I am certain that we here in the US also have similar figures…. Not real sure how to find out what they might be but in talking to many people about their financial situation I know that MANY people are in DEBT……In Debt way over their heads.

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