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job-search-276893__180 Money money money… who couldn’t use more money… People who are having trouble making ends meet are always looking for ways to make more money. Maybe you are just looking for extra spending cash for an up coming vacation.. or you want to start saving for Christmas gift shopping.

Are you looking for a small part time job, a summer job? Or are you looking to get a new job with higher pay?…. Whatever the reason that you are looking to supplement your income your first step should be to get your resume updated or if you don’t have a resume.. now is the time to create one to call your own.

The thing to keep in mind about your resume is that once you have one created it won’t take much to keep it current. If you have it saved to your computer in document form such as Word.. they are easy to edit.

Probably the biggest obstacle in the way of creating your resume is how do you start? You must decide what to include, or better yet… what do you leave out… One of the biggest questions that an employer looks for is years with NOTHING showing. If you are not able to include something for those years that you have placed NOTHING you better be ready for the question….. “What were you doing all that time?”

Just to give you an example on a personal level…… For 4 years I stayed home and took care of my mother-in-law who had a stroke and was paralyzed. We moved her into our home and it was my “job” to take care of her. That would be a personal decision to include that on a resume or not. But in case the question was asked… I have an answer for… “What were you doing where you have nothing showing?”

In addition to your schooling and former places of employment it is always good to include your other interests such as hobbies and of course mention anything you do to help in your community or other volunteer work.

You may have a job interview for a specific job… but with the information about your other interests it is very possible that you might be a better fit for another area in the company where you are applying. I am sure that you have heard the expression… “Find a job you love to do and you can never call it WORK!”

If you are looking for work…. I suggest you have a resume ready to go. Once it is ready you are able to email it or have a few printed and be ready to just drop them off…..

If you need help getting started writing a resume, I have found a great very economical eBook that is a step by step how to create your resume. By economical.. I mean 7 bucks! It also comes with lots of bonuses… Getting the added Bonus #3 was worth much more than the 7 bucks… I can highly recommend this very step by step plan for writing your resume so that you are able to get a better job, another job, or just a JOB period.
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