How long have you been in debt?

 I got an interesting email the other day. It was from a reader who said he didn’t remember when he was not in debt. Not having to scrimp by… living paycheck to paycheck. He always had enough money to pay his bills but no matter what he did he was never able to get ahead. The interest was eating up all that he was paying towards the credit card payments.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?…. May I ask YOU… How long have you been in debt? How long has it been since you didn’t lose sleep over your financial situation?

People get in debt for many different reasons. I think the reason I hear about most often is from those that use their credit cards as their own private ATM machine….Spending more than they make. It is just way to easy to whip out the credit card to pay for something and not having any thought that it is just being added to the monthly statement… interest and all.

Many have very good intentions, saying things like. “I will charge this now.. because it is an easy way to pay…and as soon as I get the credit card statement… I will pay what I just charged?” Does that sound like something you may of said in the past?…. But then the statement comes due and for what ever reason you do not “pay what you just charged”…. and that is simply added to what you already owe on that credit card… and the interest just keep adding up. Sounds like a merry go round to me.. how about you?

Getting out of debt takes not only commitment, but it also takes a plan to follow to show you how to get out of debt.. and keep you on track. Target Debt Free by Dr. Tom Watson is the plan that will help you get out of debt.. keep you on track and show you how to keep out of debt.

Target Debt Free is an online course that contains 16 lessons both in PDF formats as well as videos. This online course is the same program that Watson has been teaching in live workshops for over 15 years.
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