Slay That Dragon Called Debt!

Dragonslayer 01

I recently posted an article about overwhelming debt in a social site that I have belonged to for many years. While working on line for almost 10 years I have encountered many people that have gone very far into debt trying to make money online.

The truth is making money online is not easy… if it were easy we would all be rich. Most of the people who work online have never made a dime…. not one thin dime.. yet they keep trying. Many keep thinking that if only they would be able to find the right program… many listen to their so called mentors in the hopes that they will indeed make that $10,000.00 by Friday and it is only Monday. Many do that kangaroo dance of hopping from one program to the next….

In the comment section of that post a gentleman that I have known for many years posted that he was glad that I wrote about that particular topic because so many people are drowning in overwhelming debt. He added that he was proud to be able to say that he had slayed the dragon called debt many years ago.

Defeating that dragon of debt makes everything more manageable. Not only are you able to breath a bit easier… your actually able to do some of the things that you were never able to do while you were drowning in overwhelming debt.

Are you ready to defeat the dragon called debt?….Are you ready to wave goodbye to debt to accumulate wealth?

Many people are surrounded by overwhelming debt. They feel as though they are drowning…. with no way to get out. There are many ways that people get into debt….loss of income, student loan debt, medical emergency debt.. just to name a few. Many get into debt simply by over spending and not thinking about the consequences.

Whatever the reason that people find themselves in overwhelming debt most feel trapped and helpless… that sinking feeling. That type of stress or feeling also leads to health issues. Debt cause a ripple effect.. one thing leads to another. That dragon just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

In order to slay that dragon called debt you need to do things differently that what you have been doing. You need a plan of attack. If you admit you have a problem and have a plan and agree to stick to it…. you have come a long way in getting out of debt.

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